Scratch and Dent

I love sales! It doesn’t matter what it is or where it’s at, if I see that I’m getting a deal, I’m all in. This is true for clearances at wholesale stores and for the savings at thrift-stores and flea markets.

If you’re like me, you value items that work like new, save you money, and offer you the same durability and functionality of something new, but at a discounted rate.

Preowned, scratch and dent, and open boxed equipment are no different. Except, open box items and scratch and dent equipment still come with a factory sponsored warranty! Talk about a cheap deal with all the perks of a new piece!

Frequently Asked Questions

We get it though. The equipment isn’t new. It isn’t coming straight from the manufacturer’s factory into the food service establishment you’ve worked hard to create. You will have questions. You do have questions. Some of your questions might be:

What does “preowned,” “scratch and dent,” or “open box” even mean? How would purchasing them, instead of new equipment, impact the quality of my restaurant and the food it produces? Where does “used,” “scratch and dent,” and “open boxed” equipment come from? Why didn’t its original buyer want it? When should it be purchased instead of new or vice versa? And who can I trust to sell me equipment that actually works? Can I trust the quality and functionality of “preowned, “scratch and dent,” or “open box” equipment?

In today’s post, we will strive to answer your questions. If we fail to do so though or if you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to us! Our sales team is always ready to help.

Understanding the Labels

The “labels” are fairly straight forward and mean exactly what they say.

Scratch and Dent

Scratch and dent items are pieces of equipment that have somehow been scratched, dented or dinged in transport or at the factory. Damage is purely cosmetic and does not normally affect the functionality of the equipment. These dings, dents, and scratches are often located on the sides, top, bottom, or back of the equipment, where it won’t be seen in most commercial kitchens. The equipment still functions as good as new and is normally covered by a factory warranty.

Open Box

Open box equipment are brand new items that have been unpackaged. Some items have been opened for display purposes. Some are opened by customers, who, upon opening the package, discover it’s not quite what they wanted. Other times, however, the item is fully unboxed to ensure it still works after its packaging was damaged during transport. When customers return items they have opened, we either ship them back to our warehouse to resale or send them back directly to the manufacturer.

These items have never been used and function as new. However, because they are not “new” and in their original packaging, we are allowed by manufacturers (even required) to sell them at a lower price!

These items still come with a factory warranty.


Preowned equipment rarely comes with a factory warranty. These pieces are typically older and do have some wear and tear. Depending on the unit, they do not always function “as good as new.” They often require repairs before they can be sold as a fully functional item. However, don’t let this information cause you to shy away from purchasing them.

There are many benefits to purchasing preowned equipment. The primary one being that you can purchase a quality, fully functional item for a significantly lower price.

When items have been damaged, our service techs typically repair them within a few weeks of their arrival, getting them ready to be sent out to customers as fully operational pieces.

If the preowned equipment is not fully functional, we will tell customers before they purchase. Often, telling customers what is wrong and which parts need to be repaired or replaced.

We most often acquire used equipment from local auctions and sales or businesses that have gone out of business or desire an upgrade. We only purchase and invest in the items that we feel can be repurposed and sold.

Quality and Functionality

Choosing a scratch and dent, open box, or preowned piece will not impact the quality of your food service establishment. While purchasing older used equipment may require a learning curve, this learning curve is no different than that required when purchasing an entirely new piece of equipment. The quality of your food depends on the brand and model you choose as well as the skill of those preparing the food.

When NOT to Purchase

There are some situations, however, when scratch and dent, preowned, or open box equipment will not be the best option for you. If you are buying for a hospital, school, university, prison, or other government institution, you will not receive government funding for scratch and dent, preowned, or open box equipment. Therefore, it would be best for these institutions to buy new equipment that meets the requirements of their government grant funding.

When to Purchase

If you are a mom and pop shop, church, restaurant, bar, concession stand, food truck, or convenience store, preowned, scratch and dent, or open box equipment can be the best decision for you. If you are starting up a new business or your budget is tight, these pieces can offer you quality and functionally at a much more affordable price. Also, don’t forget, many of the scratch and dent and open box equipment are still under warranty, offering you the same functionality as a new piece.

Who to Trust

While it sounds like we’re bragging, we believe you can trust us to be honest with you about the quality and functionality of our scratch and dent, open box or preowned equipment. All you have to do is ask us for the details!

If you have any questions, please contact us using the phone number and email below. We would love to hear from you!

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